The Churaumi Night Aquarium is back!!


※This event has ended.

The Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium will extend the opening hours and host the “Churaumi Night Aquarium” during Dec. 7~Jan. 6, 2019!!

The mystic sea of night, who shows an expression different than that in the day time. Would you like to come and feel the sea of night at the aquarium?

The Churaumi Night Aquarium is back!!


18:00~21:30 (Last admission 20:30)
※The aquarium opens until 21:30 (Last admission 20:30)
※Please park at P7 parking lot.
※Other attractions aside of the aquarium do not change in opening hours.
※Exploring the Kuroshio Sea (above-water observation course) is open until 18:30 (admission until 15min prior).

※During the event we may be photographing/filming for contents to put on the HP, Facebook, or when the mass media is present. Thank you for your understanding.

Using special lightings to showcase the sea of night!

We will illuminate the water tanks with special lightings that imitate the night time from 18:00~21:30.
The mystic sea of night, who shows an expression different than that in the day time. Would you like to come and feel the sea of night at the aquarium?

Lightings, which are different from daytime to imitate night time.
We have prepared special VIP seats in front of the “Kuroshio Sea” during night time! ※Seats are limited in numbers.

Saxophone performance

Would you like to listen to the soothing music of the saxophone while gazing at the fishes swimming in the big water tank?

  • Date: Dec. 29(Sat.), 30(Sun.)
             (2)8:00pm~ around 15min each
    Venue: In front of the “Kuroshio Sea”
  • Saxophone performance

Special Menus

Night Aquarium limited premium special menus on the go!
We will give out original designed badges to those who ordered the special menus!

  • Venue: Café “Ocean Blue”
               Time: 18:00~21:30
               Food LO 20:30
               Drinks LO 21:00
    ※Please do not bring food & drinks out of the Café “Ocean Blue”. Eating & drinking is only allowed in the café.
    ※The badges are limited in numbers.
  • ≪Original Designed Annual Passport!!≫
    We will be selling original designed annual passports, designed by Okinawan designer “pokke104”, during Dec. 7~Jan. 6!!
    There are 2 designs, 1 for new applicants, and 1 for renewals!

    Period: Dec. 7, 2018~Jan. 6, 2019
    Time: 8:30~20:30 until last admission
    Location: Aquarium entrance, annual passport counter

    Adults 3,700yen High School 2,460yen Junior High & Elementary 1,220yen
    ※For those whose annual passports are still valid, you can pay 300yen to change to the new design.

  • Top: Design for new applicants Bottom: Design for renewals
  • ≪Christmas & New Year Theme Exhibits≫
    We will have illuminations around the aquarium entrance to welcome visitors, and there will also be Christmas & New Year style exhibits and decorations within the aquarium. Last but not least, we have prepared new photo spots during this period.
  • Christmas & New Year Theme Exhibits


Inquiries regarding Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium

Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium
424 Ishikawa, Motobu-cho, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa Prefecture




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