Barrier-free information

Exemption from admission charge for the disabled

Free admission

Holders of disability certificates (physical, rehabilitation or mental) are granted free entry. (Please show your certificate at the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium ticket desk.)

One caregiver can also enter free of charge. (One caregiver for every disabled visitor holding a certificate of any level is granted free entry.)

Aquarium barrier-free information

Barrier-free access in the aquarium


The aquarium is accessible to visitors in wheelchairs, including elevator access to the first, third and fourth floors.
In addition, the Inoh restaurant has a large table, allowing visitors in wheelchairs to dine in comfort.

*The Tropical Dream Center and Ocean Culture Museum are also accessible to visitors in wheelchairs.

Free wheelchair use


The electric wheelchairs are also available for use free of charge at the North Gate guard booth. Stop by the guard booth and ask for details.
(Due to limited quantities, these wheelchairs are on a first-come, first-served basis.)

Multipurpose Restroom


The main areas of the Aquarium are equipped with barrier-free toilets, it marked with the wheelchair sign. Please see the Barrier Free Map for the Aquarium for the locations of the multipurpose restrooms.

*We provide multipurpose restrooms for visitors in all facilities in Ocean Expo Park.

Ocean Expo Park barrier-free information

Ocean Expo Park is committed to improving accessibility for the disabled.

Parking lots with spaces designated for disabled visitors

There are 20 parking spaces for disabled visitors in four parking lots at Ocean Expo Park.


Free wheelchair use


Wheelchairs are available for use free of charge at each gate (Bise, North, Central and South), the Park Information Center (Haisai Plaza) and information desks at each facility. Visit the “Barrier-free” page on the Ocean Expo Park website for detailed information.
Ten electric wheelchairs are also available for use free of charge at the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium entrance information desk. Stop by the desk and ask for details.
Please see the Ocean Expo Park Official Site for more details about the free wheelchair rental service.


  • Reservations are not accepted. These wheelchairs are on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Please show your ID and fill out an application form.

Touring the park by trolley


For traveling around the park by trolley, present a certificate for physical disability, rehabilitation or mental disability and you will be granted free rides on the trolley. (One caregiver can also ride the trolley free of charge.)
For detailed schedules and routes, visit the Ocean Expo Park website. Ocean Expo Park Official Site

Barrier-free toilets at the park


Barrier-free toilets are available at each facility throughout the park. The restrooms are marked with the wheelchair accessibility symbol. For details of restroom locations at the park, visit the Ocean Expo Park website. Ocean Expo Park Official Site
*Priority toilets for the disabled are available in the park.

Park patrol car service

The park patrol car is available for visitors with special needs or who use wheelchairs to travel around the park. Contact security, an information desk or trolley staff for details.


  • Please note that visitors may have to wait since only one car is available.

Express entry

Generally, visitors are not allowed to drive their cars into the park due to safety concerns. However, visitors with physical disabilities or who have difficulty walking are allowed to drive their cars into an entrance close to the aquarium located within the park.

  • For groups: Allowed to drive into the park.
  • For individuals: Transportation service by our staff in a park patrol car from the parking lot to close to the aquarium.


  • This park patrol car service is only provided for visitors who have difficulty in touring the park due to limited mobility and is available upon request at least one week in advance. Please contact the office listed below for more detailed information.
  • Benefits exclusive of Annual Passport.
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