The Kuroshio Sea

The Dynamic World of Migratory Fish

This is a gigantic, 7,500m3 tank that can be viewed both through a large acrylic panel and from the Aqua Room. Special seating from which you can observe this huge tank is also available.
Watch a school of whale sharks and manta rays gliding through the water, something that can be only seen in the aquarium.
*Some fish might not be exhibited due to their physical condition.

The Kuroshio Current along with the California Current are part of the North Pacific Gyre, the world’s largest ecosystem. Due to the warm sea temperatures that average from 20 – 30℃ coral reefs develop around the Okinawan islands, and a diverse range of creatures migrate through the waters.

Water tank capacity 7,500m3(10m deep, 35m wide, 27m long)
Exhibited species Approximately 70
Seating capacity 56

The above information is as of January 2024.