Journey to the Kuroshio

Welcome to the Dynamic World of Migratory Fish

This introduces the can’t-miss spots such as the aquarium’s premier attraction,
the Kuroshio Sea, and the Shark Research Lab, where you can learn about the life and habits of sharks.

Churaumi Theater

Churaumi Theater

Ultimate Visual Experience through High-Definition Movies

The Churaumi Theater introduces the life and habits of various creatures living in the beautiful seas of Okinawa, ranging from coastal waters to the ocean, and the relationship of the local people with those seas through high-definition movies.

Shark Research Lab

Shark Research Lab

Are sharks really dangerous?

Do you think sharks are terrifying creatures?
Surprisingly, they have a small appetite, and only a few species actually attack people.

The Kuroshio Sea

The Kuroshio Sea

The Dynamic World of Migratory Fish

This is a gigantic, 7,500m3 tank, allowing you to view the fish both through a large acrylic panel and from the Aqua Room. Special seating from which you can view this huge tank is also available.

Exploring the Kuroshio Sea tank

Exploring the Kuroshio Sea tank
(observation course above the water)

Make the most of your Kuroshio Sea experience, full of exciting discoveries.

This is a popular program giving you an opportunity to visit behind the scenes to view our largest tank, the Kuroshio Sea tank, from above. A detailed talk by a member of our staff is also on offer.

Whale Shark Manta Ray Corner

Whale Shark & Manta Ray Corner

There are commentary panels and the rare footages in this section introduce you the latest information including our research achievement about the whale sharks and manta ray.

Aqua Room

Aqua Room

A special seat in the middle of the ocean

With a ceiling made of acrylic, the Aqua Room lets you look up at the water, as if you were gazing at the sky, making you feel as if you have a special seat on the ocean floor.

Café Ocean Blue

Café “Ocean Blue”

Special seats in the ocean with cafe

Relax a while, in a blue fantasy world, enjoying a snack while viewing fishes calmly swimming right by you.