Aquarium Map

The Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium is designed with the building entrance on the 3F entrance (Coral Lobby) and the Aquarium itself beginning on the 4F, so that visitors descend to the 1F and 2F in order to see the Deep Sea exhibits.

Each floor has theme that represent Okinawan Seas. You can experience wondrous and precious of Okinawan Seas while walking.

Invitation to the Great Sea

A Journey of amazing Encounters and Discoveries

Tropical brilliant sunshine and the emerald green sea await your visit.
Your journey of amazing encounters and discoveries begins right here.

Invitation to the Great Sea Floor Map

Journey to a Coral Reef

A World Brimming with Colorful Marine Life

See, touch and experience corals and surrounding marine life.
Okinawa’s freshwater life is also found in this zone.

Journey to a Coral Reef Floor Map

Journey to the “Kuroshio”

See A dynamic world of migratory fish.

We introduce you to the must-see points including Kuroshio Sea Tank,the main attraction of Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium and other interesting exhibits like Shark Research Lab

Journey to the “Kuroshio” Floor Map

Journey into the Deep Sea

Recreating the Deep Sea of Okinawa

Much of the deep sea remains veiled in secrecy.
We have recreated this mysterious world here. With around 100 rare species on exhibit, you can observe the diversity of deep sea marine life through our acrylic glass panels. We invite you to travel deep into the mysterious sea awash with thrills and excitement.

Journey into the Deep Sea Floor Map

Route Map

Feel free to download a PDF file of the aquarium floor map for your use. This covers aquarium routes and areas in detail, and is a useful resource during your visit to Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium.